About Us

About Business Sales Strategies

Business Sales Strategies is headquartered in Columbus OH and focuses on helping business owners grow their brands in the ever-changing digital environment.

In 48 years (2065), we will have fostered and created a global ecosystem of clients, friends, fanatics, and leaders of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Our ideal client …

  • Is looking to commercialize their brand.
  • Wants their enterprise to be robust and professional.
  • Wants to operate their business using industry best practices.
  • Wants the millennial perspective.
  • Needs the internal structure to be investor-ready.
  • Has a complicated/complex scope of work.
  • Need some mentorship and coaching to confidently find direction.
  • Needs clear messaging for their brand.
  • Wants to make their customer the hero.

Business Sales Strategies is here to serve you! 

We get it. You want results.

You’re ready and willing to invest in growing your business.

You want to increase sales and revenue.

Let Business Sales Strategies help you take it to the next level! 

We are industry professionals with the insider knowledge you need to take your business to the next level. 

Mind your business. Let us mind the details.


Meet our great team

Our people care! We are passionate about helping you start, grow and expand your business venture. Our team is dedicated to giving our best.

Caribbean Business Development

Lauren Maul

Visual Designer

Makenzie Stiles

Research + Innovation

Richelle Delia PhD

Web Architecture

Mark Winstein

Midwest Business Development

Gerald Moore

President + Creative Director

John Delia